Transform and Thrive Package

Reclaim Health and Vitality Through Transformational Nutrition!

Your health means a lot, perhaps even everything. It is the most important pillar, once falling apart, you can’t operate in any level, any capacity, any aspect of your life. 

This program will help you discover your unique healing path to put a stop to the progression of chronic conditions, correct dysfunctions and restore health. Through the work as a “health detective”, we will explore new pathways to healing from a root cause perspective, and regain balance on the underlying factors that have led you to experience the symptoms you now have.

With a nutrient-dense diet, a well-functioning digestive system, a health-promoting lifestyle and step-by-step healing roadmap, you will be able to rebuild solid nutritional foundations and a healthy biological terrain, so you can transform your body from exhausted and suffering to rejuvenated and flourishing, stop merely surviving, and start to thrive!

The Problems You’re Facing

  • Are you struggling with multiple chronic conditions and trapped in a downward health spiral?
  • Do you feel tired of looking for solution but not sure what the root causes are or how to fix them?
  • Do you feel your health breakdown has taken over your life and stolen your joy?
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How The Program Works

This program will help you change from thinking about “symptoms” and “quick fix”, to thinking about the “mechanisms” and “underlying causes”. We aim to conduct a comprehensive investigation to have a complete picture of your health status using various assessment tools and functional lab works. With the clues collected from the investigation, we will correlate the data together to put missing pieces of your health puzzle back together and determine exactly where you are in terms of your particular health challenges and create your own customized path to healing.

Put Together Your Health Puzzles

We will utilize more advanced functional lab testing to look into your hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy production, hidden neurological functions, body chemistry and metabolic health to have a better understanding of the underlying imbalances and dysfunction and identify every possible healing opportunity.

This allows us to screen the dysfunctions in

  • Metabolism health
  • Nutrient balance
  • Energy production
  • Heart health
  • Brain wellness
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Dig Deeper Using Functional Lab Works

We can uncover the things standing in your way of feeling like your best self despite the diet and exercise efforts such as:

  • Digestive organ dysfunctions
  • Compromised gut integrity
  • Reduced detoxification capacity
  • Gut infection
  • Silent food sensitivities
  • Gut inflammation
  • Progression of HPA axis dysfunction
  • Circadian rhythm disorder
  • Sex hormone imbalance
  • Immune system impairment
  • Nutrient deficiency
  • Insulin resistance
  • Liver congestion
  • Poor thyroid function

Identifying and addressing these imbalances is critical to successfully restoring health and vitality. This allows us to get extremely specific and targeted therapy and healing protocols for diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

Correct Underlying Imbalances In a Systematic Approach

Within this program, you will have the opportunities to choose the safe and effective natural protocols and therapies to improve digestive functions, repair the gut lining, eliminate the gut infection, balance gut microbiome, boost detoxification, and improve blood sugar regulation.  When the foundational metabolic functions are restored and primed, you will learn how to implement various remedies to restore hormone balance, correct circadian rhythm disorder, improve thyroid function, and support immune. So you can get rid of the irritability and mood swing, have a better sleep, get more energy, and think clearly again.

Transform Your Diet

You will be guided through a process to transition to a whole food based diet packed with variety and flavor, supporting your unique metabolic type. You will also learn how to use foods and nutrients to accelerate the healing, explore different therapeutic diets, and experience fasting to find the optimal timing and rhythms that best support your physical and mental performance.

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Customized Healing Roadmap and Actionable Plans

Food and nutrition are just two pieces of the puzzle when it comes to healing. Using the data from functional assessments and lab work I will also guide you to create effective health protocol for rest, exercise, stress reduction, supplementation, and toxin removal. You will have access to pharmaceutical grade supplements when they are needed to help with healing and restoration of normal function.

Throughout the 18 sessions that usually span 9~10 months, I will guide you on the most appropriate next steps for you including laboratory testing and self-assessment. You will be provided with customized blueprint of meal plans, practical tools, natural remedies and wellness recommendations to reframe and restructure your habits and behaviors.

Devoting Myself to Create a Healthier ‘You’

With Transformation Coaching model, we will work together to unearth the underlying habitual thoughts and mindset issues that contribute to the negative behaviors. We will discuss your mental and spiritual needs, use psychological and stress management techniques (such as meditation, breathing exercise, gratitude journal) to address your old beliefs and fears that hold you back from achieving the health goals in the past. Use spiritual practice to explore authentic self, increase self-awareness, and build a strong connection with yourself, your community, and the environment. 

With this program you will regain your vitality, free yourself from chronic conditions, transform into a healthier, fitter and happier self. Without being limited by illness and aging, you will have the strength and stamina to do what you want and be unstoppable in career success and personal growth!

What's Included in the Program?

Initial Intake and Analysis
18 Coaching Sessions
Mid-Session Support
Functional Lab Testing and Analysis
Function Assessments and Investigation
Lab Re-Test and Analysis
Optional/On-Demand Lab Tests
Post Program Follow Up Session

Total Value of Service $8,609

Results You Can Expect

  • Understand “what’s really going on” in your body.
  • Gain clarity on how our environment, food culture, and your everyday choices have been leading you astray, and how to get back on course.
  • Discover your unique nutrition needs, provide your body with the exact nutrients it needs every day to achieve peak performance in all aspects of your life.
  • Create solid nutritional foundations and healthy biological terrain, using science-backed protocols to heal the gut, balance hormone, reduce inflammation, regulate immune function.
  • Dismantle the habits that hold you back from getting healthy, stay in tune with the body to find what best works for you in different situations so you can maintain health in the long term.
  • Put a stop to the progression of chronic conditions, correct dysfunctions and finally get relief.
  • Simply feel better, healthier, and fitter!
  • Get not only your health back but your confidence, passion and dream! 

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

We will meet online through telehealth video chat. You are welcome to meet in person if you are local in San Diego.

You will be able to choose from the list of available days and time slots and schedule the coaching sessions using the online booking tool. I try to accommodate the client’s schedule as much as possible.

Yes! All my clients’ information is stored in a HIPAA compliant site, where all personally identifiable data are encrypted. Secure chat messaging and telehealth video chat are used for communication. Your information will not be used or shared with anyone without your consent.

Yes! To make the programs available and accessible for people who truly want to discover their ability to influence their health destinies and invest in improving their health, the payment plans are provided. Feel free to chat with me and learn more details.

If for any reason you feel the program is not a right fit for you, let me know within 21 days after you purchase the coaching packages, and I will be happy to give you refund (the initial payment deducting the cost of lab testing that you have done).

Program Questions

I acknowledge that every person has different capacity to process information, adapt changes and embrace new life, so my coaching program does not put a specific time limit upfront.

We will have 6 coaching sessions to meet together, with a series of actions to take between every two sessions. You can proceed at your pace. That being said, to create a rhythm and keep the momentum, I highly recommend to have coaching sessions every 1~2 weeks at the early phase of the program, every 2~3 weeks in the later phase of the program. So you can expect to complete the program within 6~7 months.

This program isn’t about following a cookie-cutter diet and generic wellness recommendations. Just like your unique fingerprint and genetic makeup, your nutritional need is also one of a kind. My program provides a framework, not a formula.

A Formula tells you to follow a very challenging program when the conditions are perfect. It consists of strict and largely unnecessary nutrition rules.

A Framework provides both structures and flexibility that enable you to create your own dietary approach and come up meaningful, step-by-step change that you can actually do in real life. We will work together to explore and find what will work for you. So each client received completely individualized protocols.

The abundance of foods is a celebration of nature’s gifts. The true value of food is not only in nourishing the body, but also nourishing the mind and bringing joy to the life. The last thing we want to introduce to our diet is dogmatic rules and feeling of being taken away. My program always focuses on what you can ADD to your current plate. I will help you explore the options to improve the food accessibility and varieties, so you can use real food crowd out the factory made junk.

During our time together through various assessment methods along with lab testing we will discover the foods that best help you achieve your health goals and possibly the ones that may hinder you. So sometimes it is necessary to temporarily implement a therapeutic diet or elimination diet. Once you restore the nutrient imbalance and correct the underlying dysfunctions, you will find your cravings will disappear.

Using advanced functional lab testing and various assessment tools, we will be able to find the missing pieces of your health puzzle, connect the dots and look at your body in a big picture.

It also enables us to screen for more dysfunctions in different body systems, and get down to the roots to uncover the hidden stressors. Once we are able to restore the underlying imbalance and correct the dysfunctions in the foundational metabolic functions of digestion, detoxification and blood sugar control, many of your health concerns that have their roots in these foundational imbalances will be resolved naturally. On top of that, we continue implement therapies to restore hormone balance, improve thyroid function, and support immune.

You will be able to reverse many of your chronic conditions, finally feel more balanced, healthy and in control of your life.

People have different ways to process information, adapt changes, and overcome barriers. Some clients start to feel difference in just a few weeks once they strictly follow the protocols and recommendations.

Healing is process and it never happens overnight. If you trust this process, respect your physiological and psychological needs, observe how you look, feel and perform, respond to the biological cues, and work with your coach closely, you will experienced some level of progress and tangible results very quickly.

Ideal weight is a direct manifestation of good health. There are multiple factors contributing to the weight problem, such as nutrient imbalance, gut dysbiosis, toxin overload, blood sugar dysregulation, insulin resistance, stress, lack of sleep, inflammatory foods, poor diet, hormone imbalance, etc. If these underlying causes are not addressed, the ideal weight can not be achieved and maintained in the long run.

Those outdated thinking of “calories in calories out”, “eat less move more” is proven to be ineffective. Once we remove reactive foods and reduce the inflammation, the fluid retention is reduced. Once we enhance the metabolic flexibility, the body is able to use stored energy (fat) as fuel. So weight loss is often experienced as a byproduct, when the body starts healing and returns to a place of balance, but with greater ease than you solely focus on weight loss.

Once you eat clean and healthy whole foods, once you figure out the foods and macronutrient ratios that are right for your metabolic type, your body gets connected instinctively with the right amount of food to eat, so you always get satisfied with the right amount of calories. Your body will gradually shift toward the nature weight and stay there for the rest of your life.

  • Food Sensitivity Screening: screen for hidden inflammatory responses to 170 different foods and food-chemicals.
  • Metabolic Wellness Profiles: measure key metabolic markers of Digestion, Detoxification and Oxidative Stress. 
  • Gut Function & Pathogen Screening: measure the markers related to inflammation in the gut, immunity in the gut, pancreatic enzyme sufficiency, gut integrity, the presence of pathogens in GI track, including H Pylori and other bacteria, parasites, worms and viruses.
  • Mucosal Barrier Assessment: assess the permeability of tight junctions between cells and the digestive tract wall (leaky gut), measure the histamine level and gut inflammation.
  • Stress & Hormone Profile: measure the key indicators of immune and stress imbalance or dysfunction, such as cortisol pattern throughout the day, melatonin, and different sex hormones.
  • Comprehensive Wellness Panel: screen the dysfunctions in metabolism health, nutrient balance, energy production, heart health, brain wellness, systematic inflammation and blood sugar control.

This program provides the opportunity to do six functional lab tests at no additional cost: Food Sensitivity Screening, Metabolic Wellness Profiles, Gut Function & Pathogen Screening, Mucosal Barrier Assessment, Stress & Hormone Profile, Comprehensive Wellness Panel.

If other tests are highly suggested during the investigation of you case, or you wish to do additional tests, you will be able to order them at additional cost.

The medical approach is to diagnose and treat specific diseases, so the panel of conventional lab tests is used to look for established disease patterns. Functional lab testing provides an evaluation of an organ’s functional value or its capacity to fulfil its physiological function. Although functional lab tests cover a number of quantitative diagnostic procedures, they are particularly useful in avoiding or reversing chronic conditions and optimizing wellness.

Functional lab testing may include blood, stool, urine, saliva or hair samples to provide information about a variety of systems including hormonal, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy production, metabolic, nutritional and others. It provides deeper understanding of why dysfunction is occurring, and conduces to effective strategies to restore balance.

I am here to support. Let’s chat about how I can help!
Xiaoyun Pan | Holistic Nutritionist | FDN-P, FNTP, CTNC, BCHN®

Xiaoyun Pan is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition, a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. 

Xiaoyun is committed to helping busy professionals who are struggling with declining health and feel lost in the jungle of nutrition information to cut through all the noise and hypes, discover their unique healing path, and pave the way to build solid nutritional foundations, so they can overcome health challenges, enhance performance, and stay on top of their game!”


Take a comprehensive nutrition assessment and receive a health strategy session at no cost! 

This assessment will give a snapshot of your health status and possible underlying imbalances. It is the most effective way to gain clarity about your body and health needs!