My Approach


Traditional Therapy is not The Only Solution

More people turn to alternative therapies for help, after they’ve been caught in a cycle of trial and error with their chronic conditions and have seen the limitations of traditional therapies to meet their needs. ‘Functional’, “Holistic”, “Integrative” have become buzzwords in the healthcare field.  In my nutritional practice, I approache healing from a true functional and holistic perspective.

Underlying Cause Oriented

Even in the alternative fields practitioners could easily fall into the trap of “labeling and matching”. Chasing symptoms and covering them up with nutraceuticals do not lead to health in most cases. The symptoms will come back repeatedly or pop up in new ways. I go looking upstream to find the underlying imbalance and contributors to the loss of normal function.

I ask a lot of questions such as, “why”, “how”, “when”, “where”, “who”, “what” and search under every rock. I dig deep as a health detective doing a comprehensive investigation including careful history taking, well-chosen functional lab testing and various assessments. A sustainable resolution can only be achieved when the underlying imbalance is corrected, and hidden stressors are removed.

Respect Your

When it comes to nutrition and wellness, there is never a one-size-fits-all approach that is optimal for everyone. Each of us has unique bio-physiology that is shaped by different genetics, prenatal nutrition, birth experience, childhood experiences, health history, pathogen risk, toxic load, diet, nutrition intake, and lifestyle. In addition, we’re all impacted by a myriad and diverse life experiences and exposures.

I view every client as a whole person with dreams, pains, and desires, not his or her conditions, symptoms, or diagnosis. The personalized healing plan is always tailored with uniquely targeted nutrition and lifestyle modifications to meet the goals of each individual.

Xiaoyun walking on a dirt path in the woods

Taking a Systematic Approach to Address Health Concerns

People like formula and techniques when looking for quick relief and shortcut. However, the isolated techniques and disjointed programs often get short- term results or poor results altogether. For example, jumping into intensive detox program before making sure all elimination pathways are open could do more harm than good; without addressing blood sugar issue, any attempt to normalize hormone imbalance is futile.

I take a systematic approach and follows a proven roadmap in a logical sequence that is guided by physiology and science when addressing clients’ health concerns.

I put clients’ health history and personal evidence into integrated systems and frameworks that allow them to connect the dots to see the whole picture. They know exactly what to prioritize, what to focus on, and in what order, so that we can produce maximum results with less time and effort.

Xiaoyun Pan | Holistic Nutritionist | FDN-P, FNTP, CTNC, BCHN®

Xiaoyun Pan is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition, a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. 

Xiaoyun is committed to helping busy professionals who are struggling with declining health and feel lost in the jungle of nutrition information to cut through all the noise and hypes, discover their unique healing path, and pave the way to build solid nutritional foundations, so they can overcome health challenges, enhance performance, and stay on top of their game!”


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