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    Hey there! I'm Xiaoyun...

    I understand the toll that a robust career can take on your health and well-being. Almost overnight, I went from an active corporate professional to a near-disabled cancer survivor with a host of chronic problems. I had to hit the stop button on my career. But my story didn’t end there. Over the next few years, I embarked on a healing journey that would transform my life. Through the power of functional nutrition, I was able to overcome chronic conditions, find new energy, and harness my body’s natural ability to heal itself. l found the empowerment to take healing into my own hands, and thrive as a result! There IS a natural path to healing and a vibrant well-being. Together, we can discover your unique nutritional path and begin the journey to healing.

    Cut Through the Noise

    There’s no shortage of nutritional “information” available today. Everywhere we look, there’s a new process, a new diet, a new workout routine, or a newly discovered superfood. The list goes on. Every person is unique, and it can feel impossible to cut through the noise and find the right nutritional path.

    That’s where Xiaoyun comes in. 

    Using various functional assessment tools and transformational coaching, Xiaoyun Pan helps her clients discover the optimal nutritional path that supports their unique biochemistry and suits their lifestyle. Xiaoyun is a Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®, an FDN-P, FNTP, and CTNC. She is passionate about finding the missing link in people’s health struggles and discovering each individual’s unique nutritional path so they can nourish the body, reverse chronic diseases, enhance performance, and stay on top of their game!

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    Do you resonate with any of these health needs?

    You have...

    a successful career that you love, and you want to take it to the next level. But years of high-intensity work and fast-paced life took a toll on your health.

    You struggle with...

    low energy, loss of mental clarity, sluggish metabolism, weight gains, sleepless night, tired but wired, digestive symptoms, pains, allergy, poor immune function, and abnormal blood chemistry markers

    You've heard...

    The right nutrition and lifestyle play a central role in disease prevention, but the massive amounts of contradictory health information and dietary advice only leaves you overwhelmed without knowing who to trust and where to get started.

    You can clearly feel...

    the deterioration of your health, sliding down to one or multiple chronic conditions, but you are not sure what the underlying causes are and how to fix them.

    You realize...

    Health issues have become a stumbling block for your career advancement. You are seriously considering stepping back or simply walking away to save your body.

    I get it. I was there. I have been through all this.
    But let me tell you, you can get well and stay well, in a natural and safe way!

    What is Functional Nutrition? 

    The latest research in Epigenetic’s and Nutrigenomics shows that nutrients affects our genes and in turn, our wellbeing. Every choice we make affects the longevity and quality of life. Food, water, air, movement, sleep, the way to handle the stressors, our reaction to emotional distress, environmental exposure, and even spiritual and social connections all play a part.

    Functional Nutrition is a powerful tool that helped me discover my unique healing path to greater energy, a stronger immune system, and a balanced body. Using various functional assessment tools, I help my clients find the missing link in their health struggle and implement effective nutrition remedies to support the body’s natural ability to heal and perform at its greatest potential.

    Do you resonate with any of these mindsets?

    • You think … “I am just getting old. There’s nothing I can do to change it.”
    • You believe… Self-care and a healthy lifestyle are optional luxuries. Hardly to be done with limited resources.
    • You worry… Healthy meals take time and you have to give up many favorite foods and starve yourself.
    • You want to figure this out on your own. There seems to be so much information just one Google search away.
    • You procrastinate taking action, “I will get started, but after THIS holiday (party, vacation, trip, etc.)”

    These do not need to be your reality. 

    With a guiding hand helping you sift through the information, connect the dots, and prioritize steps, you can produce maximum results with less time and effort.

    My Services


    Collect personal evidence through history intake, functional lab testing, and various assessment tools. Identify underlying imbalances and hidden stressors. Investigate healing opportunities.


    Strategize the healing roadmap with clear priority and focus. Develop a personalized nutrition program to balance the foundational systems through diet, rest, movement, stress reduction, and supplementation.


    Implement the action plan. Guide course correction. Observe and monitor. Re-assess and re-test. Pivot and tune.

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    Xiaoyun Pan | Holistic Nutritionist | FDN-P, FNTP, CTNC, BCHN®

    Xiaoyun Pan is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition, a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. 

    Xiaoyun is committed to helping busy professionals who are struggling with declining health and feel lost in the jungle of nutrition information to cut through all the noise and hypes, discover their unique healing path, and pave the way to build solid nutritional foundations, so they can overcome health challenges, enhance performance, and stay on top of their game!”


    Take a comprehensive nutrition assessment and receive a health strategy session at no cost! 

    This assessment will give a snapshot of your health status and possible underlying imbalances. It is the most effective way to gain clarity about your body and health needs!